Everything connected with the process of completing my BA degree has pretty much just worked.

I put a lot of effort into creating my degree plan, and I had a lot of valuable input from good people that helped me craft the plan. When I finished I was very happy with it.

Once I had the degree plan, I followed it, and things happened pretty much according to plan. It turned out, after all, not to be a work in progress. The dominoes were all set up and then, once the first one was pushed, they fell the way they were supposed to. No hiccups, no major changes or reworking. I could have completed the degree plan in less time, but, as my academic advisor said, "What's the hurry?" I took things at a more leisurely pace and enjoyed the experiences I was having, rather than feeling I had to rush through them.

One example: Several times I postponed and rescheduled standardized tests that I was set to take. Had I taken them when originally scheduled, I probably would have done all right on them. But I would have felt I was shortchanging myself, because I hadn't reviewed the material on the test as thoroughly as I wanted to review it. The object here, in my thinking, was not to pass the test. It was to learn stuff. It was to fill gaps in my learning and to learn things that I didn't already know--not to skate by on the test. There was no penalty for canceling and rescheduling the test, so why not? So I did, and spent some more time with the material on the test's subject.

Reflection: I feel fortunate, now that I'm almost done with the process of completing my BA degree, that my sailing has been relatively smooth. No life crises have interrupted the process. I haven't burned out. I haven't needed to take a pause because of finances. Everything has pretty much just worked.

I am grateful to every one of my instructors, all the University staff, and all the students I have met in my classes who have been traveling the road with me.