Hamline University, St. Paul

Fall 1973
Science and Technology in American Society
Concert Band
Survey of Dramatic Literature

Interim (January) 1974
Electronics Black Magic

Spring 1974
Consumer Economics
History of Urban America
Interpretive Reading

Fall 1974
Creative Writing
Typographic Design (at College of St. Catherine, St. Paul)
Graphics for Publication (at College of St. Catherine, St. Paul)
Beginning Social Dance
Independent Study: Magnetic Sound Tape: Art Medium, Communications Medium
Independent Study: The American Music Machine: The Record Business in the U.S.A.

Metropolitan State University, St. Paul

Spring 2013
Anthropology 302, Gender and Culture
Writing 231, Writing II with focus on visual communication
Metro Educational Planning 100, Getting Credit For What You Know
Perspectives Educational Planning 301, Perspectives: Educational Philosophy and Planning
Perspectives Educational Planning 302T, Self-directed Learning Theory Seminar

Summer 2013
Writing 371, Editing
Media Studies 365I, Visual Communications (Prior Learning Assessment)

Spring 2014
Philosophy 327, Ethics for the Information Age
Physics 101, Introduction to Astronomy
Interdisciplinary Studies 365I, Journalism Feature Stories (Prior Learning Assessment)
Interdisciplinary Studies 365I, Advocacy Journalism (Prior Learning Assessment)

Fall 2014
Perspectives Educational Planning 499, Capstone
Political Science 381T, Community Leadership Theory Seminar